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Grinder For drill bits' Flute Grinder For drill bits' point Grinder For drill bits' Margin Grinder For drill bits' Split point
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Grinder For drill bits' Flute Grinder For drill bits' Margin Grinder For drill bits' point Grinder for spherical file
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Danyang Shengli Machinery Co.,Ltd. is the specialized manufacture mechanical device enterprise, the product involves the casting class product, the drawing machine series product, the rice mill series product, the rotary cultivator fitting, products and so on part. This company is located the Jiangsu Province southern Jiangsu developed Yangtze River triangle economical belt, is located in along the river the road (the S338 provincial road) the port cities often west side six sections, south the neighbour Changzhou Airport 20 kilometers, north adjoins the big port international wharf 15 kilometers, west depends on the Beijing to Shanghai railroad, the Shanghai and Nanjing high speed 312 federal highway 20 kilometers, the transportation facilitates extremely.
The company main product has the straight forward system drawing machine, the pulley type drawing machine, stands upside down the drawing machine. The auxiliary engine product has the cylinder escapement to receive the paying out machine, the trunk recover of wire machine, the butt welding machine, rolls over the point machine. The product widely applies in draws metal product professions and so on black, colored tinsel, welding rod, CO2 gas protection welding wire, tire steel wire, stainless steel wire, electric wire, electric cable.
The company by the product I the type, the user supreme, the prestige first, the service consummates, the first-class technology, wholeheartedly provides the high quality product for the product profession new old user.
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